A modern complex of office buildings, which is the gateway to the Nové Nivy district

Apollo Business Centre II was the first building to receive the prestigious British Sustainability Certificate in Slovakia - BREEAM. This has proved its high standard of services.
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Project characteristics

Great location, easy transport accessibility and everything you need for your work. All basic services, comfortable offices, and in the middle of it all a quiet green atrium.

The Apollo Business Centre II project is a complex of office buildings located in the developing new centre of Bratislava – Nové Nivy. With a leasable area of more than 81,000 m2, it is one of the largest in the region. Our experience in building workspaces and providing services to our tenants creates a combination that will allow your company to grow and focus only on the things in which you excel.

Apollo Business Center II

Building Typical floor Building area
A+B 2 734 m2 16 551 m2
C 1 052 m2 6 432 m2
D 1 593 m2 7 813 m2
E 858 / 1 372 m2 16 055 m2
High standard
office space
77 222 m2
leasable area
In the central business district
near the centre
1 500 underground and 300 outdoor
parking spaces

Welcome in the zone

Nové Nivy is a groundbreaking ecosystem born on a revitalised ‘brownfield’ site in the locality of Mlynské nivy.

Welcome to the community of corporations, start-ups, residents and tourists, where together we create a lively and modern city centre with everything you expect from it.

Multifunctional projects
in one integrated zone
Revitalisation of a former
 into a modern downtown
Urban development projects that
will ensure life in the zone 24 hours a day
Both hardware (buildings and roads),
and “software” in a single integrated zone
Community and business support
to promote innovation and productivity

Businesses in the Standard zone of the building

To be a part of Nové Nivy is a great feeling.
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Building standard

Concierge services
Natural ventilation
Thermal comfort
Power and cabling
All the cabling you need to be able to do your mission. Data distribution, high current, low current, bus systems or floor boxes are a matter of course with us.
Ceilings and lighting
Light is one of the main criteria for effective work. In addition to natural light from large windows, category II luminaires with 60 ° optics adapted for computer workplaces also provide plenty of light.
Heating, cooling, air conditioning
Proven air distribution solutions providing fresh and heat-treated air suitably complement the possibility of ventilation from the facade. The control of the heating and cooling system is provided by one controller in arbitrarily selected units.
It is our priority to make you feel safe with us and at the same time to be able to move comfortably with you and your colleagues wherever you need them. CCTVs, mantle protection, electronic fire alarms, but also the security service present 24/7 keep your safety.

Who we are

HB Reavis is an international workspace provider that designs, builds, and manages places that enhance the wellbeing and productivity of its users.

Our buildings are internationally awarded and characterised by central locations with great accessibility, a people-centric design approach with high standards of sustainability & innovation, focused on services for clients.

Operating across five countries: the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, we have already provided workspaces for over 75,000 people. Since HB Reavis was founded in 1993, we have successfully delivered more than 1.69 million sq m of office and retail spaces. Currently we manage 640.000 square meters of workspaces in value of 3 billion EUR.

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